Junior padel

Padel is a GREAT sport for children and young people!  

It is easy to learn and new players will be able to take part in game play very quickly. This accessible characteristic of padel leads to a lot of fun and very little frustration – impacting and increasing children’s confidence. 

Padel is a great introduction to team sports. It is a doubles game and helps to develop social skills within a small group environment. Fundamental and transferable movement skills are also built and improved, including coordination, agility, balance, and speed.

Accessibility for families is another huge benefit of padel. We often hear from families (who have never played the sport before) saying how much they enjoyed time on court together. Children love to play the game and adults enjoy creating happy memories with family and friends, as well as the added bonus of not having to walk too far to collect stray balls!

Young Padlers – weekly term time sessions

We are so excited to invest in the future generation of padel players and offer a wide programme of weekly sessions for 5–17-year-olds. These are a great way to become involved and learn the basics in an age-appropriate setting, with experienced and motivated padel coaches.  

“I’ve only been playing since summer, but I’ve got good enough at padel to really enjoy playing games and the coach is teaching me how to be smart when I play, and not just whack it like I used to.”

Young Padeler

“My son loves the balance of structure and fun from Young Padelers sessions. The coach is great at keeping the child interested and engaged – padel has become his favourite sport and he loves it when we book a court as a family.”


Padel Camps – half term & holidays

During school holidays and half-term breaks we run padel camps from 09:00-13:00, Monday to Friday. Time on court runs alongside a host of other activities, including team challenges, creative tasks and (weather permitting) our legendary water-fights!

Sign up for a padel camp

We have various camps available throughout the year. please use the links below to sign up.

If you have any questions about holiday padel camps please email juniors@islandpadel.com 

What our padel campers say

Padel Parties – a great way to celebrate

What better way to celebrate a birthday or significant date than inviting your friends to join you for a padel party?! We offer 60, 90 or 120 minute parties, led by our dedicated coaches who will structure, shape and deliver a fun, active and inclusive event that will be both enjoyable and memorable.  

To start a conversation about a padel party please email Emma on emma@islandpadel.com  

Party feedback